Here you will find links to code that I have written and released as free software.

Letter Lizard

The source code for the JavaScript version of Letter Lizard which I created for my CS798 course project is available as free software. The report describing all three implementations of Letter Lizard is available on the academics page and the code can be found on the Letter Lizard page.

pWeb DNS Gateway and Crawler

The pWeb DNS Gateway and Crawler that are mentioned on my research page are available as free software. The source code and documentation is available on Github. Even if you're not planning on running your own pWeb services, you may still find the code useful for the following reasons:

  • It demonstrates how to do non-blocking, asyncronous IO using Boost.ASIO with multiple threads using strands for concurrency control
  • It demonstrates how to use libcurl together with Boost.ASIO to fetch resources over HTTP using efficient, asynchronous IO using multiple threads. (I have split this code out into its own project for easy reuse).
  • It contains a (partial but functional) implementation of the DNS protocol which you are free to incorporate into another program

If you have any questions about how to run the programs or would like help to reuse some of this code in your own program, please feel free to contact me.